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The Best Unlimited Online Backup and Cloud Storage Services.
Try Personal Backup Free for 15 Days. Never lose a file again. Get unlimited cloud backup for your Mac or PC. Meet Personal Backup. The easy, effective way to manage your team's' backup needs Desktop, Laptop, Server, NAS. Meet Business Backup.
23 Online Backup Services Reviewed August 2018.
You can instead pick the three or five computer option to back up more computers, but the price, of course, goes up as well. Learn More About Acronis True Image Cloud. Among other options, you can also encrypt your files with a password, schedule the backup to run at a later time, and choose a specific country for the data center where the files will be stored. IDrive is similar in most ways to other online backup services. Maybe the best thing about IDrive is that it comes with a free offline backup option, something we haven't' seen with any other service and should come in really really handy for large initial backups.
Best Online Backup 2018 Cloud Backup Comparison.
Luckily for you, we already did most of the hard work and compiled our findings in our thorough Reviews section. We take into account all of the above criteria and more to give you a comprehensive analysis of the best products on the market. Were adding more all the time, so be sure to check back soon if you cant find what youre looking for. No matter what you choose, remember that something is better than nothing. Owning a computer without some sort of backup in place is like driving a car without insurance. You may save yourself some money in the short term, but it will eventually come back to bite you. Dell DataSafe Online discontinued, try these 9 secure alternatives April 5, 2018 / by Aimee O'Driscoll.' Upgrading to Windows 10? Back up your PC first! Heres how September 24, 2015 / by Paul Bischoff. The difference between cloud backup, cloud storage, and synchronization September 23, 2015 / by Paul Bischoff.
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Best Online Backup for Multiple Computers 2018.
Cost for 3 PC. Cost for 5 PC. Review Visit Acronis True Image Cloud. Compare Acronis True Image Cloud. External Drive Backup. Starts from 8 33 monthly for 1000 GB. 9 95 monthly. 99 95 yearly. 39 95 monthly. 399 95 yearly. 100MB max file size. 2GB file size limit. 25GB file size limit. Review Visit ElephantDrive. What Makes the Best Online Backup for Multiple Computers.
The Best Online Cloud Backup Service: Reviews by Wirecutter A New York Times Company.
Indefinite retention: After a month or so, some services remove old file versions, and files youve deleted from your Mac or PC, from your backups. This approach limits how far you can go back in time if you discover that data is missing or damaged. The option to keep old file versions and deleted files in your backups indefinitely or for whatever time period you specify is a selling point. In-place restoration: When youre restoring files from your backup, the option to put each file back in its original location automatically, preferably with a choice to either overwrite or rename matching existing files in that location, saves a lot of tedious clicking and dragging. The alternative, all too common, is to restore all of your files to a single folder or, at best, a hierarchy of folders in that folder, requiring you to move them manually to the correct locations. Bandwidth control: You might imagine that faster is always better when it comes to online backups, but if your ISP imposes a monthly data cap, you may want the option to limit how fast your backup app sends data to the cloud.
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Ben Moore Michael Muchmore The Best Online Backup Services of 2018 Whether from accidental deletion, hard drive failure, or ransomware, data loss occurs more often than you might think. You need to protect your PC with one of the best online backup services, and our guide can help you choose. Secure Your Data With Online Backup Software. You can either tear out your hair when a disaster strikes your data or you can prepare for it ahead of time. But that disaster is going to happen eventually, either way. An online backup service is one of the best ways to protect yourself against the loss of precious data, whether it's' the result of a crashed hard drive or an unintentional deletion. Natural disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes can also spell the end of your digital media and documents. Even if you're' among the very few who diligently perform local backups at regular intervals, you could still lose data if you don't' store backups offsite. Online backup services scan your hard drive for files worthy of protecting, encrypt them for security, and send them up to the cloud.
Best online backup services 2018: Carbonite vs. iDrive vs. Backblaze vs. Mozy PCWorld.
Editor's' note: Last updated April 24, 2018 to include CloudBerry Backup in our list of reviewed services. Best overall online backup: iDrive. iDrive Online Cloud Backup. Read PCWorld's' review. iDrive has you covered six ways to Sunday when it comes to backup. Online, local, sync, snapshots, shipping hard drives to you for quicker recovery. You name, the company does it. Not the cheapest service, but easily the most comprehensive. Theres no more complete online backup storage service than iDrive. And though its not the cheapest, its still affordable and comes with backup clients for nearly every PC and device, including Windows Phonea rarity these days.
The Best Cloud Backup Service IGN.
If you want terabytes of space, which is relatively affordable with IDrive and Backblaze, youll be paying quite a bit 2TB costs 150 per year, for comparisons sake. Thats not cheap, but it may be worth it to you if you're' looking for more than just cloud backup. Best for Unlimited Versioning SOS Online Backup.
Whats the Best Online Backup Service?
The Best Backup Service For Most People: Backblaze. We think Backblaze is the best cloud backup option if you just want to back up a single computer. It costs 50 per year or 5 per month, if you want to pay monthly for each PC or Mac you want to back up.
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Acronis True Image. Best for Power Users. Zoolz Cloud Backup. You're' probably backing up your computer's' contents to an external hard drive and if you're' not, you should be, but that's' really not enough. Both your PC and your backup drive could be lost to theft, flood or fire.

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